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The Growing Popularity of Weed in Maryland


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If you don’t know, growing marijuana In Maryland is not as tough as you think. This state shares borders with Washington DC, where the district just lifted the ban to legalize this plant. Although weed is illegal in Maryland, you can still find it being sold in small local smoke shops and many other places in the market. Because marijuana has proven health benefits for the body too, its medical possession is legal in the state. Growing marijuana in Maryland has become a part of the popular culture, which is why this plant is treated as a possession there.

Weed in Maryland

Back in 2014, the state passed a law to legalize this plant because of its amazing health benefits for the body. Patients who suffer from anorexia, nausea, wasting syndrome, and severe muscle aches are given marijuana as medicine. However, there is a strict 30 day supply restrained for such people. Moreover, if you want to buy this plant over there, you need to be around 21 years of age. Because Maryland shares borders with an anti-marijuana state, it has to take care of the possession of this plant with the locals. Patients must have a doctor’s perspective to buying marijuana in Maryland.

As far as the growing of marijuana in Maryland is concerned, it is not allowed in the state due to strong reasons. Even if you have hands-on experience of growing this plant in some other state, the Maryland authorities will arrest you if you’re caught in the act of growing weed in Maryland. Luckily, the state won’t arrest anyone who has around 10 grams of marijuana in their possession. Because there are no laws for growing this plant in Maryland, everything starts hovering over its possession. If you have less than 10 grams of marijuana in your possession, no one will hound you for it.

However, if you have more than 10 grams of marijuana in your possession, you will have to pay $100 as a fine for the first time. If you get caught in the second offence, you’ll be liable to pay a fine worth $250. With the growing popularity of marijuana in Maryland, the authorities are concerned about its supply. You will easily find hybrid pot seeds for sale in Maryland if you sift through the online market. Although growing supplies can be criminalized, there is always a chance that you might not be hounded for medicinal reasons. As more people fall sick, the reliance on marijuana for treatment continues to increase.

If you are about to visit Maryland for the first time, don’t forget to watch out for the cops. Although the state has relaxed a few laws on this plant, the cops can never be trusted. You never know when a policeman might arrest you on the charge of consuming or possessing this plant. If you are caught with 50lbs of marijuana, you will have to serve in jail for 5 years. Those who consume marijuana for medicinal reasons often have to pay a hefty fine of $1000.


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